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I spent part of the day in Dover yesterday and then headed over to Little Creek to explore a new area. Turns out that the area is thoroughly littered, unmaintained, in disrepair, carrying the stench of the literally thousand dead horseshoe crabs and inhabited with swarms of biting flies, biting gnats, horse flies and other creatures wanting to climb up your nose and in your ears. That said, it also has a lot of birds there...to them its a smorgesboard of dead things and bugs and trash. I may return there should I find a supplier for 100% DEET.

Seriously though- what tricks do you all use to deter the bugs during the summer? I'm not willing to go running home everytime they swarm me, but I'd love to find a way to make THEM go running. Several of the wildlife areas I visit recommend netting during the summer- anyone ever used netting? Recommendations? Opinions?

What about bug repellent? OFF! just does NOT work and the Deep Woods stuff I used the other week barely works. I'd love to find some all-natural alternatives, but beyond wearing a suit made from lizards, I'm not sure there are any that work.
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