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I've been really really bad about keeping this blog updated. I've found it much easier to update via my Facebook Page. You can also follow me on Twitter!
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We did a LOT of driving today. Drove down Newfound Gap road, up to Clingman's Dome and then backtracked through Gatlinburg to explore Roaring Fork. I did manage to explore on foot for a while in Roaring Fork, but there are so many places I want to explore this week, I don't have time to wander as much as I'd like.

Just means I need to plan another trip here sometime soon...

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Part of the drive from Lake Sherando to the highway follows Blue Ridge Parkway. Now, THAT, is a beautiful drive. It seems worth it to plan a trip to do nothing but travel the parkway, camp and explore some of the surrounding areas. One of the stops along the parkway is 20-Minute Cliff, whose sign reads:
"In June and July during corn-choppin time, this cliff serves the folks in White Rock Community as a time piece. Twenty minutes after the sunlight strikes the rock face, dusk falls on the valley below."

The rest of the day was spent travelling, checking into a hotel in Pigeon Forge, TN and visiting the aquarium in Gatlinburg (take your kids there- its very cool).

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Left late in the afternoon yesterday and camped at Sherando Lake Recreation Area. We didnt spend much time there, but from what I saw, it looks worth another visit. The country roads surrounding it are full of wonderful sites and smells. Driving down the road you're met by honeysuckle, pine, cows and...well, skunk, but its all very nature-y smelling. :)

It thunderstormed all night, which was beautiful to watch through the top of my tent, but it turns out my tent isnt very rain-proof.

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Just a few more days until I leave for the Smoky Mountains. The weather calls for at least a few days of rain, I'm new to camping and my tent is new, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its as waterproof as it says.

I'm torn between wanting to leave RIGHT NOW and not having enough time to prepare before I leave. :)

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Wow. What a trip! I left on the 13th and made great time to Upstate New York (6 hours). Saturday and Sunday I had family events to photograph. During the rest of the week I photographed Lake George, Mount Prospect, a great bird/wildlife sanctuary way back down some dirt roads, Parc Safari and Montreal in Canada, beautiful mountains, and miles of railroad tracks. I even crossed a railroad tressle high above a rocky creek- and I'm afraid of heights!

I was on the go ALL week from 6 or so in the morning to 11 or 12 at night. I'm bushed but can't wait to go back.

I'm going camping next week if I can get a hold of all the equipment I need.

* * *
I spent part of the day in Dover yesterday and then headed over to Little Creek to explore a new area. Turns out that the area is thoroughly littered, unmaintained, in disrepair, carrying the stench of the literally thousand dead horseshoe crabs and inhabited with swarms of biting flies, biting gnats, horse flies and other creatures wanting to climb up your nose and in your ears. That said, it also has a lot of birds there...to them its a smorgesboard of dead things and bugs and trash. I may return there should I find a supplier for 100% DEET.

Seriously though- what tricks do you all use to deter the bugs during the summer? I'm not willing to go running home everytime they swarm me, but I'd love to find a way to make THEM go running. Several of the wildlife areas I visit recommend netting during the summer- anyone ever used netting? Recommendations? Opinions?

What about bug repellent? OFF! just does NOT work and the Deep Woods stuff I used the other week barely works. I'd love to find some all-natural alternatives, but beyond wearing a suit made from lizards, I'm not sure there are any that work.
* * *
My recent outings resulted in some decent work, but also Lymes Disease. Bummer. Caught it early, but not feeling quite myself yet (though I don't know whether to blame the antibiotics or the Lymes).
Hopefully, I'll be feeling well enough soon to get out again. At least I have a bit of time to finish going through all the photos.
* * *
I've focussed much of my attention over the past few years on Maryland's eastern shore, but I've never discounted that Delaware had as much to offer- I just never explored enough to find out just how much!

This past Wednesday I spent the day at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. I didn't realize it was so close- its only an hour drive from home and a lovely drive at that.

Bombay Hook is all about the birds- Warblers, Swallows, Finches, Shore birds and a ton of others. But, there are also fox, raccoons, squirrels, deer, possum, snakes, turtles, insects and flora.

I returned on Friday and am hoping to go again on Monday, though I've heard there are several other promising locations in Delaware I should investigate as well (Prime Hook, Slaughter Beach, Whita Clay Creek, Ashland Nature Center, Brandywine Creek, Wilmington State Parks, Fort Dupont, Thousand Acre Marsh, Assawoman Wildlife Area, etc.).

There is also an Amish community on the way there, so I'm hoping to find some great produce stands to frequent while on my outings. I've been doing my best to purchase only locally grown produce- its better for my local economy, for the environment and its usually fresher and more affordable as well.
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I'm driving to upstate New York next month. I'll only be about 3.5 miles from Montreal, so its really tempting to get out of the country just so I can say I DID it. I'm looking into whether I'll need a passport and such.

I am planning on exploring the Adirondack Park area in NY (HUGE), which should provide a lot of photo opportunities. Anyone familiar with the area and have suggestions?

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